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Cottonwood Partners believes strongly that value is created and maximized by hands-on management of each project. We manage and direct the leasing on every property we own and develop. We also manage a substantial portfolio of properties for third-party owners and work closely with the leasing team, whether it is Cottonwood or a third party. Our partners, institutional investors and third-party owners recognize the value of our commitment to managing and leasing any property in our portfolio as though we were the owner. Being a substantial owner ourselves gives our clients comfort that we understand their objectives and have the resources and skills necessary to ensure the success of their investment.

Years of management experience have given us the insights needed to ensure superior property performance, including: well thought out operations manuals, new building start-up procedures, a knowledge of superior service providers, budgeting and cost control systems, quality accounting and reporting procedures, a thorough knowledge of building operating systems, the ability to respond quickly to tenant needs and a commitment to superior tenant satisfaction.

Our management organization has received industry recognition for service excellence, including

The Office Building of the Year Award (TOBY Award) from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and multiple property "A List" Awards from CEL & Associates, Inc., a prominent real estate consulting firm.

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