Newpark Town Center Leads in LEED-ND

Utah’s only LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Certified Plan, Newpark Town Center stands as a worldwide model of responsible and environmentally sensitive land development.

To attain this prestigious certification, Newpark Town Center implemented a variety of innovative initiatives, including:

  • Shared Spaces. Building shapes and placements that reduce energy usage by sharing walls, floors or ceilings with neighboring structures, which dramatically reduces heating and cooling energy demands
  • A mixed-use approach. By clustering shops, restaurants, recreation, offices, residences and more, we promote fewer car trips, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Optimized parking. By carefully positioning land use to achieve opposite peak parking hours, we reduce the overall need for asphalt parking areas. In addition, we reduce “asphalt heat islands” by building 40%+ parking under carports or in garages.
  • Public transit. Our free, eco-friendly public transit system provides transportation within a quarter-mile of 79% of residences and businesses.
  • We dedicated 543 acres to Utah State University’s Swaner EcoCenter, an open space and wildlife preserve. Our open space donations are preserved in perpetuity, at no public cost.